Frequently Asked Questions

Wealthup is a platform that understands your current financial situation, helps you identify the gaps and guides you in filling these gaps.
It gathers insights about your finances and offers the right financial products for you - personalised to your needs.
We can help you achieve your financial goals sooner than expected.

Professionals who want to manage their money or make better financial decisions but don’t know where to get started and/or who to ask.
Wealthup's vision is to be a reliable financial friend to every Indian and help them achieve their financial goals sooner than expected.

Wealthup brings every aspect of personal finance on a single dashboard.
We help you with your entire financial planning i.e. tax saving, investing, insurance etc.
Now get personalised financial guidance which traditionally was reserved for the top 0.1% of the world.

First, we analyse your financial situation using our proprietary WealthoMeter tool which identifies gaps in your finances.
Then our AI-powered technology creates a plan to fill these gaps while a relationship manager (RM) helps you execute the plan.
Finally, our platform tracks your progress and sends alerts to you and the RM to course-correct.

We've had clients who have been professionals in their fields for 20 years and we've also had clients who are just starting their first jobs.
To make the most of the power of compounding, the earlier you start planning your finances the better!

Not at all!
Whether you are new to the financial world or a seasoned investor, we will have a subscription plan that will work for you.

Amazing! We applaud your thoroughness.
Having your questions answered before you avail of any financial service is very important.
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