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Start by checking where you stand

Is This You?

Overwhelmed by all the free resources and jargons. It’s an emotional roller coaster led by FOMO!
Salary disappears soon after hitting the account, where did it go?
Chases you to buy financial products but are unreachable when you need them - leaving you hanging out to dry.
The struggle is real... fear of getting judged mixed with different mindsets due to generation gap.
Don’t know how loans, banking or even interest rates work. Not sure how to secure my future!

We Feel You.

Want To Check The Status Of Your Overall Finances?

WealthoMeter is a 3-minute tool that give a complete picture of your overall finances.


Want to know how you're managing your money? Or want to identify gaps?

For Too Long Only The Privileged 1% Benefitted From
Personalised Financial Advice. We Are Democratising This.

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Get started by checking where you stand.

Our Platform Will Track Your Every Rupee From
Expenses To Investments To Even Taxes!

With this insight, we help you navigate your money to
achieve your financial goals faster.

Get started by checking where you stand.

This is how your money flows.

It’s not about how much you make, it’s how you manage it.
Managing wealth boils down to a simple equation:

Money Flow

Here Are Answers To Some Common Questions.

Wealthup is a platform that understands your current financial situation, helps you identify the gaps and guides you in filling these gaps.

It gathers insights about your finances and offers the right financial products for you -​​ personalised to your needs.

We can help you achieve your financial goals sooner than expected.

Professionals who want to better manage their money and make better financial decisions but don’t know where to get started and/or who to ask.

We don’t charge any upfront fees. We get paid via our partners when you invest via us or buy financial products like insurance from us.

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