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about their financial success

  • Knowledgable experts whose interests are
    aligned with yours
  • Ditch procrastination, take action
  • We monitor and update your plan - you do
    what you love
Trusted By Clients From 60+ Companies

Is This You?

I want good returns but don't know how.
I want to invest regularly but need more discipline/ follow through.
I want to retire early but am not interested in finance.
I'm worried about being misled or cheated by a bad financial advisor.

We've got you

How We Can Help

We develop a personalised plan for you to achieve your financial aspirations


Proactive investment management.

We don't just set and forget your portfolio; we actively track, monitor, and adjust it to ensure it remains aligned with your financial aspirations.


Personalized insurance guidance.

We explain the benefits of various life and health insurance policies and help you choose the right option that best protects you and your loved ones.


Professional tax planning & filing.

We help you select the right tax regime and identify strategies to maximise your tax savings.

Access to 14+ Years of Investment Experience


Ankit Agrawal


Founder, Wealthup

Achieved Financial Independence at the age of

29 Years

Proven Investing Experience of

14+ Years

Investment Banker, Swiss Bank (UBS) New York for

6+ Years


Backed By The Best

Wealthup is backed and supported by

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Transforming Lives - Financially

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Trusted By Clients From 60+ Companies

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Here’s why our interests
are aligned with yours

We make more money when your investments grow with us.

Our fee increases when the value of your investments increase. This happens in two ways: when your investments generate great returns, their value rises, and when you see great returns, you choose to invest more money with us.

We only suggest options that we personally invest in.

We only recommend products that are best for you, not because they pay us more. We will not offer any options that our team does not personally invest in.

We want you to spread the word about us!

When you are happy with us, you tell people about Wealthup, and we grow without spending money on expensive ads!

If you have any concerns, write to Ankit directly at

“You are the average of the five people 
You spend the most time with.” ~Jim Rohn

So, why not spend time with others who are highly motivated to
make their financial aspirations a reality!

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  • Weekly Q&A sessions with Ankit
  • Discussions with like-minded peers
  • All our latest tools and resources

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Frequently Asked Questions


Wealthup guides you in creating a comprehensive financial plan across financial goal planning, investment planning, insurance planning, tax saving etc.

We start with understanding your current financial situation, identifying gaps and then guiding you in filling those gaps.

After your personalised plan is created, your progress is regularly monitored and you receive prompts on what changes are needed so you can relax and focus on other things that matter to you.


We don't charge anything to the clients because when you transact with us (e.g., invest in mutual funds) or buy financial products (e.g., insurance) we get a small fee from the mutual fund company or insurance company. This is how Wealthup makes money.


Financial services are built on trust. We only suggest products that are best for you and do not offer any options that our team does not personally invest in.

Our clients are well educated and with access to the internet will easily find out if the products being sold to them are bad. It is in our interest to ensure their money is growing and they are buying the right products; otherwise, our business will not survive in the long term.

Wealthup's founders left their comfortable jobs abroad and came back to India with the vision of helping people live more prosperous and stress-free lives. They started the company so people get unbiased and personalized advice to reach their financial goals faster. You can read more about their story here .


Your money is 100% safe. All your investment amount goes directly to Bombay Stock Exchange and insurance premium goes directly to insurance companies. We only act as an intermediary and cannot do any transactions on our behalf.


Wealthup is for ambitious people who are serious about growing their wealth. On the work front, they are busy being exceptionally good at their job, and on the personal front, enjoying life with their friends and family. They want a trusted financial expert to help them plan and monitor all aspects of their finances under one roof.
There is no minimum amount to get started with us and no lock-ins, so you can get started with whatever amount you are comfortable with.