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The portion of income not spent on monthly expenditures. It's the money set aside for future use.

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Is this you?

So many platforms but still feeling lost!

Neha (name changed), 26, Blr

Four years down the line, Neha found herself completely lost. She had been diligently doing SIPs but due to the lack of a proper financial plan her progress was very slow.

Want to plan for tomorrow but also enjoy today!

Veer (name changed), 28, Hyd

The only trouble is, he's not sure how to balance his adventures with building a comfortable future for himself.

Tired of bad customer service!

Shivi (name changed), 32, Hyd

Despite earning a good salary, she was forced to pawn her family's cherished jewellery just to have a roof over her head. She was left feeling utterly lost, confused and frustrated.

Just not interested in planning finances!

Raj (name changed), 23, NCR

But when it comes to investing money he finds it overwhelming and boring. He'd rather spend his time chilling and hence his savings just lie idle in his bank account.

We feel you.

How we can help

​Numerous factors can attack your investments, we protect them so they grow, generate passive income and help you achieve financial freedom!

How we can help
Investment Management

Investment Management

Building an investment portfolio tailored to your financial goals and risk profile.

Tax Savings

Tax Savings

Minimising your taxes so you can keep more of your hard-earned money.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Identifying the right life insurance policy to protect your loved ones.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Selecting the best health insurance policy for you and your family.

Transforming lives - financially!

Ready to transform your finances?


Wealthup offers wealth management services.

We start with understanding your current financial situation, identifying gaps and then guiding you in filling those gaps.

We cover all aspects of personal finance including tax saving, investments, insurance, loans, budgetting etc.

That's the best part - it’s free! We get paid via our partners when you transact via us.
Your money is completely safe when you transact via us. The money is transferred directly from you to Bombay Stock Exchange or the insurance company.

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