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Our Team

We’re on a mission to help you improve your chemistry with money.



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The Finance Guy

Ex-UBS, Ex-PwC



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The Marketing Nerd

Ex-EI, Ex-Ashoka University

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How it All Started

Ankit and Medha were totally opposite!

Medha Cartoon

Medha is a globetrotter. Her superpowers are making friends and communicating (even the most complex) ideas easily!

Ankit is an engineer-turned investment banker who worked on Wall Street with UBS (Swiss Bank). He likes travelling, and achieved financial independence at the tender age of 29!

Ankit Cartoon

Ankit helped Medha change her mindset about money and
helped her kickstart her journey toward financial freedom!

They teamed up to help professionals avoid
expensive financial mistakes and make
smarter financial decisions!

What Is Wealthup?

Wealthup is a platform that understands your current financial situation, helps you identify the gaps and guides you in filling these gaps.

It gathers insights about your finances and offers the right financial products for you -​​ personalised to your needs.

But we are not just another AI platform. Our experts are invested in your journey and help you achieve your financial goals ASAP.

Our Values

"Values are like fingerprints. Nobody's are the same, but you leave them all over everything you do."

~ Elvis Prestley

A friend who will be with you through market’s ups and downs and your changing situations.
A friend who will breakdown your problems and suggest solutions in a jargon-free manner.
A friend you can talk to easily via multiple channels.